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Frequently Asked Questions about Roofing Services in Southern Illinois

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When it comes to roofing, it’s important to have the right information. While it’s easy to surf the internet and act like an expert, you only get the most credible information from true experts that have years of industry experience. With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked roofing questions by our customers. Take a look below, learn about our services and some common roofing information, and contact our staff with any additional questions that you may have!

Is a built-up roof or single-ply roof better in Jackson County?

If designed and installed correctly, either roofing system will work to keep water and the elements out of your home. However, the right type of roof depends mostly on your home, it’s location, and other factors. The professionals at DS Roofing are more than happy to provide an inspection and recommendation on the best roofing type for your home.

How long will my new roof last in Southern Illinois?

The answer to this question can vary. While some will tell you that the roof should last for 15 – 20 years or some other range of time, it mostly depends on the roofing type and how well it’s been maintained by the homeowner.

Should we add insulation to our Western Kentucky roof?

Many homes today were built before people were thinking about energy efficiency, which means they didn’t bother to insulate the roof. If you’re replacing your roof, insulation will add cost to the total project, but it will help you save on energy bills for years to come.

I received different quotes on the same type of roof, how do I pick the best commercial roofer near Southeastern Missouri?

Roofing quotes vary due to a number of things. A quote that’s noticeably lower than the others may indicate a contractor that doesn’t have insurance or that performs substandard work. The reputation of your roofing contractor should weigh heavily on these decisions.

What roof warranties are available in Carbondale IL?

Manufacturers provide warranties on new roofing systems that cover defects in roofing materials only. Warranties for labor are providing by the contractor and can vary depending on the company that you choose to perform the work.

Can roofing be replaced during a Marion IL winter?

Roofing materials can be installed at any time of the year. However, cold temperature can cause materials to crack. Your roofing contractor should understand how to store and protect these times if you’re having a roof installed during the winter.

What is the best asphalt shingle to use for roofs in Mt Vernon IL?

There are a variety of reputable manufacturers that provide asphalt shingles. The type you should use will depend on the single’s compatibility with the surrounding roofing components.

When should a shingle underlayment be used?

Underlayments protect shingles and roof decks from wood resins and water penetration while increasing fire resistance. Many manufacturers require underlayment for all roofing projects.

Is it okay to use staples instead of nails for roofing installation?

This is not recommended as it’s not as secure. We recommend using galvanized steel nails or anti-corrosion nails for best results.

What is the best roofing system for a Paducah KY flat roof?

This is mostly dependent on your home and the quality of the contractor installing the roofing system. A reputable contractor will provide complete installation at industry standards.

How can ice dams be removed?

Do not use an ice pick or a shovel to remove the ice as this may cause damage to the roof. If you have ice built up on your roof, please call a trained professional to provide service.

Are asphalt shingles environmentally friendly?

Simply put, no they’re not environmentally friendly material. While some shingles are made with organic materials, they’re overall not an eco-friendly product. Especially considering the granules tend to fall off being spread by your home’s drainage system.

Can I paint my roof in Calvert City KY?

Yes. Although it depends on the type of roof. Special paints exist for roofing. Call DS Roofing for more details.

Does the entire roof have to be removed before it’s replaced in Mayfield KY?

Generally speaking, yes, your roof should be removed before it’s replaced. It’s better for the structural integrity of the roof and home. However, if the existing construction is sturdy enough, we may be able to overlay the roof. However, this determination will be left to our contractors.

What kind of roof do I need in Sikeston MO?

This is a question for your contractor, and it depends on a variety of factors including your budget, style of housing and more. We’ll assess all such factors and provide an expert recommendation based on your needs.

How much does roofing service cost in Perryville MO?

Whether you need repair or replacement, the cost associated with services provided can vary due to a variety of factors including extent of the damage, type of roofing, size of the home and much more.

Is my Jackson County roof covered by my insurance policy?

Usually, yes, the roof is covered in the event of hail, wind, or other storm damage. The insurance company usually pays for the replacement of the roof, minus the deductible on the policy. Also, this usually does not count for future rate increases as it’s considered a natural disaster.

Does DS Roofing help with Southern Illinois insurance claims?

Yes. In fact, we’re your insurance and weather-related roof repair specialists, and we’ll help you handle confusing paperwork and correspondence with the insurance company.

How much will a replacement cost after I go through insurance?

To replace your roof due to an insurance claim, you pay zero out-of-pocket costs to us. While you’ll still have to pay your deductible, no money will exchange hands between you and our company.

How does the insurance claims process work?

  1. You provide us with a copy of your insurance adjuster’s report of the damage so that we can see the scope of the problem, measurements and other important information.
  2. Next, we match our measurements and inspection to what was provided in the insurance adjusters report. This includes any additional problems that we find.
  3. The next step is faxing our signed contract to the insurance company.
  4. Finally, you send us the check provided by the insurance company for the amount agreed upon, and we start the process of repairing or replacing your roof.