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Roofing inspections are important to avoid major, costly repairs. As part of preventative roof maintenance, we recommend a licensed inspection from a professional roofer in these situations:

  • Your home has endured a heavy storm or extreme weather event
  • You notice the buildup of large debris on and around your roof
  • You’re due for a routine evaluation of flashings, soil vents, and goosenecks
  • Your roof has sustained an impact from a falling tree or other debris
  • You notice sloping in your roof where it should not be
  • You notice staining and other discoloration on your roof

Is a professional inspection necessary?

When it comes to your roof, a licensed professional is trained to look for and notice things that average people are not. We recommend checking the roof during the fall and spring seasons, as well as following large storms and other events that may cause your home to be damaged by excess water, flying debris, falling trees, and more. Additionally, almost all real estate transactions provide a professional inspection of the roof to take place before the sale can go through. DS Roofing will provide a written report with our findings after all roof inspections.

professional roofing inspection southern illinois
commercial roof inspection southern illinois

Commercial Roof Inspection

As a business owner, you have a lot to worry about. Save yourself some time and money by calling DS Roofing for regular commercial roofing inspections. During the inspection, we’ll need to know a few things about your roof that includes the age of the roof, the warranty information, the number of layers, and other important information. Next, we provide a visual inspection from the ground and from the roof level to find any obvious problems, as well as look for the tell-tale signs of some major problems that only we’ll be able to notice.

Roofing Problem Warning Signs

  • Interior Water Stains
  • Interior Mold
  • Water Pools on Roof Valley
  • Standing Water on Roof Decks
  • Blistering on the Roof Membrane
  • Tears/Cracks in the Roofing
  • Debris & Excessive Vegetation
roofing problem warning signs southern illinois